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Ceramic Heart Bowl

ice cream bowl lrThis ceramic heart bowl is from my new ebook collaboration with ceramic artist Jenni Ward. She has 20+ years of teaching, along with her own successful fine art career, so this book is coming from an expert in the field. Here is a sample of what her step by step photos look like, which makes projects like this heart-shaped pinch pot easy for students of all ages.

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• Clay
• Glaze
• Kiln


1. Follow the tutorial for forming bowl. Let dry.
2. Bisque fire bowl in kiln.
3. Paint bowl with glaze.
4. Fire in kiln again.

1 lr

1. Pinch off baseball size piece of clay.
2 lr

2. Form it into a ball.
3 lr

3. Stick your thumb inside to make a hole.
4 lr

4. Start pinching to form a bowl.
5 lr

5. Continue pinching to make larger bowl.
6 lr

6. Form the sides into a heart.
7 lr

7. Scratch patterns into the sides, if desired.
8 lr

8. Let dry, fire, glaze and then fire again.