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Ceramic Planter Face

ceramic planter headAvoid the messy painting that often happens with kid’s ceramics and have them just use one color.
• Ceramic clay
• Wire cutter
• Plastic drinking glass
• Drinking straw
• Kiln
• Glaze, skin color
• Potting soil
• Grass seeds
1.  Use a wire cutter to make about 3/4″ thick slabs cut from a block of clay. Each student uses a plastic drinking glass (about 3.5″ diameter) to cut a circle from one corner of the slab for the base of the planter. The rest of the clay is used to make the largest rectangle possible, approximately 11″ x 4″.
 2. Once this rectangle of clay was wrapped around the circle base, the students blended the edges to make it look like a smooth, closed tube. A bit of soft wet clay is attached to look like a nose, and the eyes and mouth are added or formed by pinching. When complete, a drainage hole is punched in the bottom circle with a drinking straw. The clay needs to dry in the sun for several days.
3. Planters are fired in a kiln.
4. Students paint the planters with skin tones glazes, and they are fired again.
5. Lastly, potting soil and grass seeds are added to fill the planters. My sample has simple grass seeds, but it would be fun to see what kind of curly hair could be produced with other seeds as well.