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Chinese New Year Snake Tutorial

Did you know Chinese New Year crafts can come from office supplies? They helped me make this project with about 400 first through fourth graders for about $45.

For the advanced origami lover, my sample snake above was made with two long strips that had nine 11″ lengths glued together as shown in the photo. If you like the gradated color, this how it is achieved. This length though is rather long for little ones to work with, so I recommended they just glue two together at a time so things would not get tangled. They would fold until they got to the end of their strips, then glue another to extend each, and fold again.

• PDF Chinese Snake Tutorial


• Brightly colored copy paper, 24 lb.
• White card stock paper
• Glue stick
• Sharpie marker
• Hole punch, 1”
• Paper cutter (recommended)


PREP: Use paper cutter to cut lots of 2” x 11” strips of paper for the body. Cut lots of 7” x 3” rectangles the heads.

SNAKE BODY: Glue two strips at a right angle. Bring bottom strip up and over top and crease. Repeat, always bringing the bottom up over the top. When strips are almost used up, glue another strip to extend and continue folding.

HEAD: Glue two 7” x 3” rectangles together. Fold and cut to make an oval shape. Use a 1” paper punch to make two white eyes. Draw pupils with a black marker. Glue to head, draw nose. Cut and glue white triangle teeth and a tongue.

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