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Christmas Tree Door Wreath

The last holiday project I’d like to share is my friend Regina’s amazing Christmas Tree Wreath that I spied as I was finishing my family visit in Tennessee.

Regina is the owner of Whitney Hill Estates, and the host of my art retreat every summer. She just has more artsy skills in her fingertips than anyone I know. She briefly explained that she made this tree with a collection of little house decorations. Turns out they are harder to find than she expected (and she’s an expert rummage shopper) so she ended up making some of her own. For the few minutes we talked about this, I learned that she had to use super heavy paper to make them, paper that was even heavier than card stock.

I’ll have to get some more details about the construction, but it basically looks like little trees and houses all glued to a basic green wreath. I love how fun it is to look at, and I bet all her guests do too!