Lady Bug Craft

 Finally, an air dry clay project that is easy enough for kinders, lets students practice some clay skills, AND makes something pretty darn cute.

These well-rounded projects are hard to find, so I am delighted to let others know how my students make these.


  • Air-Dry Clay
  • Paper plates
  • Water / bowls
  • Red Gloss Spray paint
  • Black Brush Sharpie markers
  • Spray varnish, optional


Class 1: Students get clay, water in bowl and paper plate. They roll their clay into a ball, shape it into an egg, and smooth it with water. Let dry on a for a day.

Prep: Spread out ladybugs on a large sheet of cardboard and spray with glossy red spray paint.

Class 2: Students use a black brush Sharpie marker to color the head, draw the stripe and make the dots. Spray with varnish if you want your bug to look nice for awhile.