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Clay Snowman

This clay snowman is made with holes in his body so real twigs can be inserted when he (or she) is finished. I’ve learned to really appreciate white ceramic projects as they are so forgiving for young artists. Any spots in the ceramic finish don’t show up nearly as much as darker colors do.

• Ceramic Clay
• Old container and water
• Scratching tool
• Ceramic glaze: white, black, orange
• Kiln

1. Soften clay with water until it is very easy to work with.
2. Form three balls, preferably a large, medium and small, and scratch the contact points before pressing them together.
3. Make a hat from a pancake and marshmallow like shape. Press together and scratch to connect it to the head. The rough surface is necessary to keep the two shapes stuck together through the drying process. Clay shrinks as it dries so if connections are not secure, pieces tend to fall off.
4. Place two sticks in the body while the clay dries. Remove when dry.
5. Fire the snowman in a kiln.
6. Paint the snowman with glaze. Encourage a second layer to create a thick glossy finish.
7. Fire snowman again in a kiln.
8. Find sticks to place in the arms.