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Clothespin Craft Peacock

My clothespin crafts for kids after school class got to dig into my feather stash to make peacocks. Googly eyes and string finished off the look.

clothespin crafts for kids

I have this insane collection of fancy feathers from a tutu-making mom who retired. I’ve been holding out on using them from just any old project, and I’m glad I did.




PREP: Hot glue clothes pins to wooden circles. I got mine from the assorted wooden shapes bags found at Michaels and JoAnns.

  1. Students color the body of their bird with a marker.
  2. They wrap the chest of their bird in string to give him or her some extra color.
  3. Googly eyes and beak cut from felt are glued on to the face with craft glue.
  4. An adult hot glues the chosen feathers to the back of the bird. I did mine in two sessions, about 3 feathers each time, to keep things manageable.

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