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Color Study, Paul Klee Style


Paul Klee was an modern art master who fell in love with color after a visit to Tunisia. His “Ancient Harmony” painting inspired this Paul Klee art lesson.

paul klee art lesson

Students can follow Klee’s idea for a fun color study by choosing two groups (light/dark, warm/cool colors) and have one encircle the other. It’s fun to arrange the colors in a random sort of way, and actually try NOT to create any patterns. And yes, a grid template is available below.




  1. Print a grid paper for each students.
  2. Students chose one of two color groups: light / dark or warm / cool.
  3. They start by filling in each square in the center with an assortment of one group of colors. Example: either light or warm.
  4. When a center ring is looking full, they switch to the other color in their chosen group, and color the outside colors randomly with those.

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