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Snowy Winter Silhouette Painting

You can make the most of some easy painting ideas if you start with a limited palette (like cool colors) and then allow time for layers to dry.

easy painting ideas

This pretty silhouette comes from first painting the background, then a black silhouette in the foreground. Easy, yet very striking.

• Multimedia paper, 9″ x 12″
Tempera paint: blue, violet, white, black (I love this Dick Blick brand)
• Dixie cups, or other paper cups
• Water container and brush
• Paper towels

1. Start with one paper cup with blue paint, one with violet, one with white, and two empty cups.
2. Paint a white ball somewhere on their paper.
3. Dip your brush in the violet and then back in the white and mix to make a light violet. A ring of light violet is painted around the white ball.
4. Wipe the brush clean and paint a ring of violet around the light violet.
5. Dip your brush into the blue and then back in the violet to make a blue-violet. This color is painted around the violet.
6. Wipe the brush again and fill in the background entirely with blue paint.

1. Start with one cup of black paint and one of white. Paint a black ground line and filled it in below.
2. Paint a fence above it with vertical and horizontal lines.
3. Choose a spot for a tree and paint and fill it in.
4. Paint white snow drops around the sky.
5. Add white snow lines on the tree and fence. If the black paint is still really wet, it’s best to wait until it is dry so you it doesn’t turn gray.

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