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Craft Stick Loom Project

I tried this craft stick loom project out last year and really liked it as an intro to weaving.

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The rubber bands did not tear if you pulled on them too hard, and they kept the strips of paper from falling out. Here’s a tutorial for those that would like some printed instructions.

• View and download Craft Stick Loom Tutorial

learn to weaveMATERIALS

Craft sticks, 5″ long size

• Craft glue

Rubber bands, 2.5″ diameter

Colorful card stock paper

• String, optional, for hanging


1. Glue four craft sticks together at ends. Make sure ends touch each other so that the square is as wide as can be. Let dry for about an hour.

2. Slide at least nine rubberbands onto square as shown.

3. Cut strips of paper about 7” long by varying widths of 1/4” to 1/2”. Weave strands of paper into the rubber bands and pull to center.

4. Continue weaving strips of paper until the board is full. Trim ends. Add a string hanger if desired to display. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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