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How to Draw Crankenstein

You can students how to draw a “Crankenstein”, thanks to this very funny new children’s book by Samantha Berger. Super simple and cute.

Turns out that you only need a few simple lines and shapes to draw a Crankenstein, which makes it pretty ideal for kinder and first graders.

You can see my step by step diagram that I created as I had six kinder classes, and many were still learning the idea of following directions. Making a visual diagram turned out to be really helpful, and worth the few extra minutes it took to set it up.


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Student drawings


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  1. Center and trace the cardboard template onto the paper.
  2. Follow a directed draw in this order: Zig-zag hair, Ears, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Shoulders, Neck, Arms, Optional hair for a girl.
  3. Trace the pencil drawing with a thick Sharpie marker.
  4. Color the hair with the thick Sharpie marker.
  5. The clothes are colored with a crayon.
  6. Paint the skin with a premixed watery green paint.
  7. Paint the background whatever color you want.

  1. camillecrisinel

    Great project. I just did it with my 8 y.o. students. They loved it. Easy and quick. Thank you !

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