Cubist Heart

If you know how to tint and shade with oil pastels,
then try testing your skills on this Cubist style heart.

• Multimedia or card stock paper, square
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Oil pastels, soft variety works best, like Portfolio brand

1. Starting with a square paper, students draw a large heart in the middle, and then use a ruler to draw at least four lines completely across the paper. Random diagonal lines will leave you with a lot of interesting triangles to color in.

2. Using smooth oil pastels, students color in the heart and background with just one color each. Because of the transparent nature of the Portfolio pastels, you will still be able to see the pencil lines when finished.
3. Use a gray pastel to color a shadow over half of each blue background section. On the opposite side, a white pastel is used to make a tint on the remaining side. This process was repeated randomly to all the background sections, and then to all the red sections.
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