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Cubist Paper Bag Costume

Look no further for an artsy Halloween costume. Make a cubism head with a brown paper bag and oil pastels.

artsy halloween costumes


  • Brown grocery bag
  • Oil pastels


  1. I used a regular brown grocery bag, and started by drawing the split face on one side with a black pastel. For more specifics on how to draw the two-sided face, check out my post HERE.
  2. After the features were drawn in black, I colored white pastel to fill in the background and cover over any logo art. (My Portfolio® brand pastels are pretty opaque.)
  3. I continued drawing the hair around the sides, top and back of the bag, always coloring very heavily.
  4. I poked two eye holes near the bottom of my nose. I won’t be running any races with this on, but I do think I can make it around the playground once or twice for our school parade. Hope this helps others that need a last-minute costume!

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