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David Hockney Photo Collage

David Hockney created photo collages in the 1980s, compiling a ‘complete’ picture from a series of individually photographed details.

hockney for kids

You can get a similar effect using one photo, cutting it up and loosely putting it back together again.

  • Drawing paper
  • Old magazines
  • Rulers
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks


  1. Start with a magazine photo, nature themes are nice to work with. Tear out a large image and use a ruler to draw dissect it into many square and rectangular sections.
  2. Cut the picture on the lines, taking care to keep them still in order.
  3. Assemble the image back together, overlapping a bit, and glue them to the drawing paper. Glue sticks work best as they minimize wrinkles. My goal was to keep the shapes somewhat in the same original placement, but overlapping and rotating a bit.

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