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Mona Lisa Line Art

Here’s a fun Mona Lisa art project, starting with her very famous face and then filling in your own background with lines, just for contrast.

Here’s what the original Mona Lisa looks like.


And this is Mona Lisa with just the skin of her face and hands showing.


And a simple guide to show how her hands connect to her body.


And finally, lots of detain


• Deluxe Line Art Mona Lisa PDF template
• Color Printer
• Drawing paper
• Sharpie marker, fine point and ultra fine point


PREP: Print face with blank background for each student.
1. Draw a new body and background for Mona Lisa’s portrait. Placing her in a contemporary setting will get you some funny results!
2. Trace the main edges with a fine point Sharpie marker.
3. Add lots of detailed lines with an ultra fine point marker so you end up with thick and thin lines.


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