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Simple Dinosaur Drawings

Keep your simple dinosaur drawing small, say trading card size, and then make a page of them.  It’s the start of your own fun dinosaur collection.

Simple dinosaur drawing

If you liked the brown paper and Sharpie paint marker look used in my fossil drawing project, then you’ll probably like this one too. It’s another reason to save and invest in those special paint markers.

I recommend that you save this project for older students though, say grade 4 to 5. It calls for some pretty fine motor skills to draw small while you are avoiding smearing wet lines. Plan B? Make the paper larger, maybe half sheets or so. Second and third graders would probably do much better with that size, and there would be a lot more space to write on.

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  1. Cut nine cards for each student to a 2.5″ x 3.5″ size. That’s the standard art trading card size.
  2. Peel the paper off any brown crayon. Use the side of the crayon to rub JUST around the edges of each card for an aged effect. More than one shade of brown will even look better.
  3. Draw a dinosaur on each card with a pencil, with the aid of the sample drawings.
  4. Trace the dinosaur drawing with a white marker. Fine tip are best for all the tiny letters needed. Work carefully while the paint is wet so it does not smear.
  5. When the paint is totally dry, slide each drawing in a plastic trading card sleeve. A bonus is that the dinosaur page will only look finished if everyone makes all nine drawings. It’s a natural reward for completing the job and not stopping halfway through.

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