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DIY Owl Decorations

Here are some easy DIY owl decorations that use some of my favorite craft supplies. Love the earthy look of these woodsy little owls.

The good news is that these craft sticks and little wooden shapes come in all sizes these days, so you can make a family of owls all day long. I just recommend that you stick to the jumbo sticks for the body. Their thickness makes them pretty easy to cut with a good utility scissors. The small ones however, are like titanium or something. They are hard to cut with even a paper cutter! Best left in one piece and used for bracing, in this case.



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STEP 1. Glue two craft sticks across five jumbo craft sticks. Let dry about 30 min. Draw a curved line along the bottom as shown. The center should be flat to keep the owl rocking.

STEP 2. Use a utility scissors to trim the top and bottom of the owl. (Note: The sticks are fairly easy to cut, but do require a sharp adult scissors. Children ages 9 and younger should have an adult help them with any cutting.)

STEP 3. Layer and glue circles and stars for the eyes. Arrange and glue tear drops for the beak and feathers. Have fun and try out different combinations. Let dry for a few minutes or until they stay firmly in place.

STEP 4. Turn owl over and glue tear drops on back for the ears and wings.

STEP 5. Turn owl over to view from the front. Adjust ears and wings if necessary.


OPTIONAL STEP 6. Trim ends off of a jumbo craft stick, add glue to back and prop up as shown. Let dry until stick stays in place.

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