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Dr. Seuss Signs

This Dr. Seuss art project and gave our spread out school some much needed directions for a back to school night.

Dr. Seuss art project

Our school has a modular classroom set up in California, we have a lot of long outdoor halls without much signage. Making signs for a back to school nite added some fun AND information for first time parents.


  • Foam core
  • Paper cutter or Xacto knife
  • Assorted Sharpie markers
  • Rubber bands



  1. I started with large sheets of white foam core, and chopped it into approx. 6″ wide strips with an old paper cutter. Two more chops made one pointed end.
  2. Each student got their own blank sign, and a lot of Sharpie markers to color with. I discussed the purpose of graphic design for a bit, emphasizing that signs are not just about making them pretty, but making them readable. Large letters and contrasting colors were always a good way to go.
  3. When the signs were done, I slip knotted two rubber bands together, and had the open loops go around our poles and then over the sign ends. Works like a charm and no wind has yet to blow them down!

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