Draw a Bushbaby

What’s a Bushbaby you may ask? I’m not really sure, I just know they’re really cute, which is all I need to keep the attention of my after school drawing students.
1. Given my class is mostly made of kinders, I decided to give them an oval (body) and circle (head) cardboard template to start their drawing. Using an letter-size paper, they began by tracing the 6″ x 5″ oval near the left, and 3″ circle overlapping as shown.
2. The line inside the head was erased, and ears were added near the top.
3. Large eyes were added in the bottom half of the face. The placement here is important; if they are too high, some cuteness factor is lost.
4. The body is finished with a tail, legs and toes.
5. The tree branch, leaves and moon are added. All lines are traced with a medium width marker, and the shapes are colored in with crayon.