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Draw an Easy Windmill

Learn how to draw an easy windmill … on a paper plate. The paper loves the watercolor paint, costs pennies, and makes its own frame.

how to draw an easy windmill

This clever idea to paint a windmill on a paper plate comes from Dream, Draw, Create.

It’s another great alternative when you don’t have good watercolor paper to work with. I found these uncoated super cheap plates took the color beautifully, and kept all that lovely texture that watercolor paint is known for.

The fact that you could stick these all on a wall with just a little tape, and have a “framed” windmill art show in about 10 minutes is pure genius. Thanks ‘Dream, Draw, Create’!


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Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Windmill

  1. Draw pencil guidelines. Draw roof and building below.

  2. Draw the four windmill paddles.

  3. Add the lines inside each paddle.

  4. Draw windows and a door.

  5. Finish with horizon line and clouds.

  6. Trace with a black Sharpie. Paint with watercolor. Add stripes.

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