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Draw City Buildings

Most kids love to draw city buildings. The only catch is that they tend to put the buildings all in just one line, unless they see other options like this one.

city drawing for kids

The Pinterest image above left inspired the idea of encouraging them to go the other direction – creating many, many layers. The right painting was made today by Lola, a talented fourth grader. I love that she chose to paint a lot of her windows yellow to show someone was home. So sweet.

  • Multimedia paper
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Watercolor paint
  1. Draw a row of touching buildings on the bottom of the paper.
  2. Add a second row above that, preferably with none of the sides lining up. The placement will look best if buildings look randomly placed.
  3. Add more rows until there is only room for a small sky at the top.
  4. Add windows and doors to the front buildings, and windows to those behind.
  5. Trace all of the drawing with a black Sharpie marker. Use the marker to fill in some of the windows to make them black.
  6. Paint carefully with watercolor paint. Tip: To keep the yellow from mixing with the other colors, try painting them first and letting them dry before continuing.

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