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Draw like Renoir

impressionist art for kidsAuguste Renoir, a French Impressionist painter, was famous for his use of vibrant light and saturated color. This scratch art project is one way to play simulate that look of bright light on a sunny day.




  1. Begin by covering your paper with a layer of yellow pastel.
  2. This project is meant to simulate the look of Renoir painting, so a simple side view of a dancing woman with her arm extended is drawn next in pastel as shown.
  3. An old fashioned man is added next, still in pastel and colored heavily and filled in with more pastel.
  4. The background area around the couple is filled in with another pastel color.
  5. A wooden stylus is used to scratch away areas that might reflect light on a sunny day. Details on the dress, the man’s hat and more are all possibilities.