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Draw a Scarecrow Face

Here’s a fun way to draw a scarecrow. Add some crayon lines and watercolor and you have a very cute fall painting.

scarecrow crafts for kids

I highly recommend printing or drawing the light center guide lines though, before you start. They really help young ones place their lines. And don’t skip the crayon details as they add some nice bumpy texture.


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• View and download Scarecrow Tutorial 
• Watercolor paper
• Sharpie black marker
• Crayons
* Liquid watercolor paint

Prep: Print color copy of tutorial for each student

1. Draw or print guidelines. Students draw their scarecrow in pencil.
2. The drawing is traced with the marker.
3. Small parts of the scarecrow are colored with crayons, as in the eyes, nose, buttons and patches.
4. Add straw with a yellow crayon. Press really hard to make the lines show up.
5. Paint the scarecrow with liquid watercolor paint.





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