Draw the US Capitol Building

US-Capitol-1024x785For students that may be studying US history right now, here’s a tutorial on how to draw the US Capitol.
1. A horizontal ground line is drawn near the bottom of the paper. To get the students all on the same starting point, I gave them a 3″ wide by 1″ tall cardboard triangle, which was placed in the center of the paper and traced. Three to four pillars were drawn centered under the triangle. Three rows of steps were drawn, centered under the pillars. The dome was added above the triangle in sections as shown. The east and west wings were drawn on the right and left. Foliage, flags and clouds could be added as desired.
2. When the drawing was complete, the lines were traced with a medium-width marker.
3. The drawing was colored in with crayons. Shadows could be added in places, but the building was to stay white, like the original.

Thanks to Emil, a talented kinder artist who drew this lovely picture.