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Drawing Children eBook and Bonus Mini Mural

learning to draw for beginners

My new “Learn to Draw: Children” eBook was created and tested in response to a kinder teacher who was tired of seeing so many stick figures in her classroom.

My solution was to create some super simple boy and girl tutorials in various clothes and backgrounds. Learning to draw people in settings goes hand in hand with writing about them, so improving in one area will also support the other.

When testing one of these tutorials with a kinder class last week, I found that if students started with with the first step “U” shape already in place, they finished with much larger and more detailed drawings. As a result, the final page in my eBook now has that “U” shape in place for teachers who would like that option too.

As a bonus, if you purchase my new eBook before the end of Wednesday, Oct. 11th, you will also be able to download a my new mini Halloween Mini Mural. It’s got lots of fun details made with bold lines to help little ones with their coloring. Color it first and then tape together, or try it the other way around. Either will leave you with a colorful, 16″ x 20″ poster to decorate your classroom or home.

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  1. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, please email me at kbarbro@pacbell.net for assistance. I am happy to email files that customers have trouble finding.

  2. nbs

    I purchased the Learn to Draw: Children but I’m not getting a download button?
    How do I download this?