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Drawing Witch Feet

I found this witch drawing easy for students (with a little help), and also a good lesson about symmetry. Join my email list below to get a complete tutorial.

This drawing project offers colorful seasonal fun, and some good symmetrical drawing practice too with those curvy, funky boots. It’s unique point of view also shows students how their art doesn’t always need to fit on the page. You can crop things to just focus on the fun stuff, like curly black boots and a spider. 

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  • Students start drawing the boots in very simple steps. For instance, two centered lines for the backs of the boots, then the right and left heel, then right and left toe, and so on. I’ve found that students are better able to match shapes in this manner. After the shoes are drawn (in pencil), the legs are added above and a zig-zag hemline.
  • Trace with crayons, including X’s on the boots.
  • Paint the drawing with liquid watercolors. I find they make the brightest colors.


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