Popsicle Painted House

Early-Kinder-Painting-1024x1014This project worked great for me today. Young kinders usually have trouble drawing large shapes, so gluing sticks down first gave them “lines” to follow. I also loved that I could one stop shop my favorite supplies at Michaels.

BUDGET (For 25 kinders): Black paper $2.50. Alene’s Glue: $1.50. Washable paint: $5.50, Sticks: $5. Total: $14.50

RECOMMENDED STORY: Two Tall Houses by Gianna Marino

1. Students counted out 5 jumbo sticks from a pile (math practice). They waited for me to spot the sticks with glue, then flipped and arranged them as shown. The tacky glue really helped things stay put within minutes.

2. The sticks were painted with the washable paint. I love how the black paper sets off the color. This project is one I plan to do again next year, especially early in the year.