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Earth Day Art

Try easy Earth Day art activities in the style of Andrew Goldsworthy. He is an amazing British artist who has spent his life collaborating with nature.

You can try out this project, even if you live in the middle of a busy city.

I found a local florist that was willing to donate their leftover flowers to my cause. I call this a win/win/win as students got to have some colorful nature materials to work with, the store got some old flowers off their hands, and art was made with materials that blended into nature.

Also a great project for Earth Day, coming up on April 22nd.

  • Old flowers, leaves, etc. The more colorful, the better.
  • Digital camera for recording
  1. Students divide into groups.
  2. Students are given whole flowers, etc. to work with, which are gently torn into different colored pieces.
  3. The pieces are arranged to make a mandala, or some other symmetrical image.
  4. Photos may be taken to record the art before it blows away. It’s great to emphasize that their art is meant to be temporary, and not leave any harmful effects on its surroundings.

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