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Earth Day Murals in the Classroom

My large collaborative murals make great classroom projects, and Earth Day is the perfect time to try one out, if you haven’t already.

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd, and calls for the awareness of our beautiful planet. A large group mural (or several smaller ones) gives a chance for every student to be involved.

The question is, on a busy day, with a room full of children, how do you best get one of these murals up in about 45 minutes? Start to finish? Yesterday I tried something new. Instead of having each student color each page individually, and then deal with LOTS of back taping, I glued vertical panels together first. This is my Doodle Earth Day mural, the 15 page size, so there are three 5-page tall strips – a left, middle and right. I had prepared strips to make a total of four finished 15 page murals to work for a class of about 24 students.

Here is what you need to do to try this out:

  1. Print a total of four 15-page Earth Day Doodle Murals on copy paper.
  2. Use a paper cutter to trim the excess paper off (there are lines to follow on each page).
  3. Layout mural on large table.
  4. Roll out about 5′ of butcher paper and glue down left, middle and right vertical panels with a glue stick.
  5. Students colored while I walked around and trimmed off the extra butcher paper.
  6. When three panels were done (left, middle and right) I taped them together from behind. Bam, Earth Day door decoration done!

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