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Easy Abstract Flower Art

Dissecting a drawing is one way to make some easy abstract art. And if you add shading, you get an even more sophisticated look.

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  1. Draw a vase that takes up most of the drawing paper. To help with making a symmetrical shape, fold scrap paper in half, draw, cut and trace. When the vase is done, a few simple flowers are added on top.
  2. Use a ruler to dissect the art by drawing about 7 or 8 rotating lines all the way across the paper. The goal is to have a lot of medium size shapes to color.
  3. All of the shapes inside the vase and flowers are colored with warm colors: red, orange and yellow.
  4. All of the shapes on the outside are colored with cool colors: blue, green and purple.
  5. Color all the shapes lightly first, and then chose one corner that gets shaded darker with the same color.


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