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Easy Chicken Drawing

Looking for a chicken drawing easy enough for beginner artists? This mother hen and chicks are made from just a few simple shapes that are very easy to color.

chicken drawing easy

For an extra challenge, try challenging those that are ready to add some shadows to their little animals. Round shapes call for crescent shaped shadows, much like what happens with the moon.

Please note: I love the combination of thick black Sharpie with the smooth brand of oil pastels linked below, as the lines stand out and are easy to fill in. The art will look bold and crisp … for about a day. Then the edges of the marker will start to get fuzzy from the oil. If you want to keep the look of the original, I suggest that you take a photo of it. Or just enjoy the change and maybe mix a science lesson about dissolving colors.


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  1. Students draw a large circle for the hen body and then a small one for it’s head as shown.
  2. Connect the head to the body with a neck. Add a tail and legs.
  3. Draw details on the hen head. Add a wing to the body. Draw two or more half-circles (wherever there is room) to make the chicks.
  4. Add a heads and legs to the chicks.
  5. Trace all the lines with a thick black marker.
  6. Color the drawing carefully with oil pastels or crayons.



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