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Easy Face Drawing Tutorial

Try this easy drawing tutorial to make sure your students fill their paper, and probably make a pretty cool abstract face at the same time. I used it with kinders for years, and fell in love with the Picasso-ish results.

simple face drawing

This project works great with all kinds of media, and creates a lot of big spaces that are easily colored or painted.


  • Multimedia Paper, 9 x 12
  • Black permanent marker, chisel tip
  • Tempera Paints



  1. Draw the face with a pencil.
  2. Trace the lines with a black permanent marker. Make sure to use a thick one, the bold lines will really add lots of definition, and help young artists stay in the lines when they paint.
  3. Encourage students to use unusual colors, and to change them every time they paint a new section.
  4. To make the lines extra black after the paint is dry, trace again. Optional extra touch? Add patterns with a crayon or oil pastel.



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