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Easy Watercolor Tree Painting

This easy watercolor painting idea makes the most of what paints and Sharpie markers do best. Markers stay black while paint runs and mixes together.

tree of life drawing

My only tip is, be sure to have good black markers when you start this project. Preferably thick chisel tip ones. The trees look really bold and dramatic with solid black color. If markers are dried out, it takes away from the look, not to mention take longer to color with.

  • Watercolor paper
  • Sharpie marker, black, chisel tip
  • Liquid watercolor paint
  1. Draw a ground line and the center tree trunk with a pencil. Add curly branches to the left and right. Add more curls wherever they fit.
  2. Trace all the pencil lines with a chisel-tip black Sharpie marker. Add some extra thickness to the tree trunk and beginning of the branches.
  3. Paint the ground one color.
  4. Paint splotches of color all over the tree and background. Overlap the splotches a bit so that the colors run together.


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