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Egyptian Collars

In addition to drawing Egyptian art projects for kids, try an easy craft that shows first hand the bling that many of the more affluent Egyptians enjoyed.

egyptian art projects for kids

These two products make the shiniest, blingiest collars that I know of. The jewels are the most expensive part, but with a little rationing and couponing, will be worth the student’s excitement over wearying something so shiny.


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  1. Make a template from one plate. Trace it onto one for each students.
  2. Students cut out their collar.
  3. They paint it with the gold paint and let dry. It won’t take long as it is watercolor.
  4. Students use a small glue container, or a cup of glue and a craft stick, and dab spots on their collar.
  5. Mini jewels are placed on the glue, using as many as are available to split fairly among all the students. Warn them: math may be required!

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