Fall Leaf Sharpie Art

You just can’t beat the color and precision you get when you make fall leaf Sharpie art with the new brush tip variety. The markers actually work a lot like paint, in that they do mix when you overlap them, and the fine tips allow a continual flow of color.

Mini canvases
Sharpie Brush Markers
Mod Podge or clear sealer


1. Follow my “How to Draw a Maple Leaf” tutorial to draw one in pencil on a mini canvas. Trace it with a black Brush Sharpie Marker. If you haven’t tried these new markers yet, do it soon, they are a treat!

2. Fill the inside with yellow and red Brush Sharpie Marker. Overlap the colors to make them blend a bit.

3. Fill in the background and sides with a blue Brush Sharpie Marker. I left a little white edge because the black will smear if you touch it while coloring. You may like it though, if it happens, as the look gets more “painterly”.

4. Paint the entire canvas with Sparkle Mod Podge. It will add glitter and shine at the same time.

Sharpie Art

5. Hang your masterpiece. See, wasn’t that quick and easy? Note: The glitter didn’t photograph so well here, the real thing sparkles like a Christmas tree!