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Finish the Photo Wolf Face

When students draw a wolf face photo project, they are often surprised at how well they do. This photo helps them practice grayscales.

finish the photo drawing

If you start with half of a black and white photo, printed on drawing paper, students can really focus on matching lots of shades of gray. The goal is to see how closely they make the two blend together.

TIP: This is recommended for older students who would like to challenge themselves more with shading. The fuzzy lines and many shades make it a more advanced project, so noting that to students beforehand may help them keep this in perspective.



  1. PREP: Print a half wolf face for each students
  2. Students start by looking for the edges of the wolf head, nose and eyes and lightly sketch them in with a pencil.
  3. Working in layers, students first create one that is medium gray, and fill in all areas except those that are white.
  4. Students look for the darkest grays and add them on top, using more pressure from their pencil. Finally, they may try squinting at their picture to see if they need any final tweaks. White areas that got smudged may be cleaned up with a large erasure.
Draw a wolf face

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