Folk Art Flags

Folk Art FlagGiven that folk art is created by untrained artists, everyday items (even craft sticks!) may be used for its creation.
• Craft sticks, 10 per student
• Liquid water color, red
• Navy card stock paper
• White glue
• Star punch
• White paper
• Craft scissors
PREP: I glued two sticks together with white glue to make a “flagpole”. I did this about 20 minutes prior to class so they could set up.
1. Students used liquid watercolor to paint 4 sticks red. They used a paper towel to dab them dry.
2. Two sticks were placed on paper, and I gave a squirt of white glue on each as shown.
3. Students started with red, and alternated 4 red sticks and 3 “white” across on the glue. Some stick overhung on both sides.
4. White punched paper stars were glued on navy blue rectangles of paper, 1.25″ x 2″. A glue stick works best because any extra dries clear.
5. The “flagpole” is glued on the bottom left stick with white glue. All is left to dry for about 20 minutes.
6. Before students left, I used a good adult scissors to trim off the extra stick on the right. I liked the homemade look to them – just in time for July 4th celebrations.