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From Teaching to Blogging

Actually, that headline isn’t fair.

I was never just teaching. I was always teaching and blogging at the same time, almost from day one.

The blogging started as a way to keep track of all my projects. Learning that I could store and tag them online really kept the job from feeling so overwhelming.

At some point though, I saw that there was an audience for what I was posting, and with that came the potential to make some money. First it was just with traffic, and later by selling some of my teaching aids.

If you think I enjoyed a steady line of growth from then to now, blogging full time, you would be mistaken.

I actually spent about 12 years trying to figure things out on my own. I read all the blogging articles I could get my hands on. I even tried paying for ads and SEO work (and hate to think what that all added up to). My site was definitely bringing in supplemental income, but had no signs of ever being much more than that.

That changed when I crossed paths with Jeni B. and her Blog Smarter program.

Our first coaching call resulted in a new marketing approach that netted me about $2000 in one weekend. A few months later her Blog Smarter course showed me how to get serious about lots of other things like my message, my email list and more.

It didn’t happen overnight, but in one year I had enough growth to leave my full time teaching position AND a lucrative after school program as well. My family and I moved to a new city to be closer to relatives, and I have been happily jumping out of bed to start blogging every day, ever since.

If you are a numbers person, here is a graph that shows my subscriber growth over the last two years.

blogging jobsDo you have a side business that you’d like to kick into a higher gear? You’re in luck. Jeni is opening up her Blog Smarter program for enrollment for just a few more days, until Thursday, May 16th.

You can learn more about Jeni B. and her Blog Smarter Program HERE.

And you can get on her Blog Smarter Waiting List HERE.

— Kathy, owner and CEO of Art Projects for Kids

P.S. These are affiliate links, but I wouldn’t be endorsing her if I didn’t believe in what she does.


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