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How I (Finally!) Found my Way to Full-time Blogging

So this is it. The classroom where I spent two-thirds of my school days, for almost TEN years.

This bungalow is where I taught art to elementary students during the day, and then art enrichment classes every afternoon. Evenings were spent at home blogging (my third job!) about everything I was learning.

That schedule was pretty brutal at times, but I was honestly jazzed about all the experience I was gaining, and how the three jobs fit together like a glove. The constant need to try out LOTS of new art ideas, and move through them quickly, kept me with a never-ending list of things to share on my website.

In time though, as you can imagine, the pure physical nature of teaching that many students for so many hours, started taking a toll. Fantasies about being able to work and focus JUST on my website, started to form. I made it my mission to turn it into a reality as soon as I possibly could.

And then five years flew by.

What? How did that happen?

It’s not that I didn’t try. I read everything I could about how to grow an internet business. I even invested in SEO advisors and paid advertising, which turned out to be a huge waste of money. Traffic and sales would increase bit, but never anything substantial. I feared it was never going to grow enough to replace my two other jobs. Something really different was going to have to happen.

Well, something DID happen when a friend recommended the Blog Smarter Program.

In short, it’s an intensive online course that helps you look at all the different facets of your business, and start you on the road to thinking like a real CEO. It’s incredibly thorough, and I found myself marveling at the sheer depth of all the information it contained.

Some of the changes I tried brought about immediate results ($2000 in a weekend sale, hello?) and some were more long term goals. The most important result though, was that one year later, I finally left my full time teaching position AND the after school classes as well. My family and I moved to a new city to be closer to relatives, and I have been happily jumping out of bed to start blogging (in my very own office!) ever since.

And yes, it’s every bit as exciting and rewarding as I first thought possible, years ago. I’m still making art projects for kids, but now I get to grow a business that is all my own, on a schedule and location that I choose every day.

If you would like to know more about Blog Smarter, then I highly recommend starting with their free 7 Day Blogging Detox Program. You’ll get a taste of what you might learn, which could set your life on a new course, just like mine.


— Kathy, owner and CEO of Art Projects for Kids

PS. Don’t wait too long though, enrollment is opening up for a new class soon.

PSS. The above is an affiliate link, but you can be sure I wouldn’t endorse the program if I didn’t believe in it.


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