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Fun to Draw Santa – On a Stamp

Mix things up a bit with this fun to draw Santa on a Stamp. Use kraft paper and you can get a natural look for your Santa and his white beard.

White paper will work just fine too, you just won’t need to fill in the beard, obviously. Whatever media you use, go for the brightest reds and blues as that is what will make your Santa pop with color.


  • Drawing paper, colored or white
  • Tutorial (You can drag this image to your desktop and print)
  • Ruler
  • Black permanent marker for tracing
  • Color Sticks or Crayons



  1. Cut the paper for a square format. And size square will do.
  2. Use a ruler to measure a border as shown.
  3. Draw the border by making a series of large “U”s and then connecting them.
  4. Start Santa’s head in the top half of the inside square, and finish with the bottom half as shown.
  5. Trace the drawing with a black marker.
  6. Color in Santa with a bright red suit and then choose a background color.

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