George Washington Quarter

presidents day activitiesAs a followup to the Lincoln Penny Project, here is a template for making a George Washington Quarter.

Just download the template below, trace onto a flattened coffee filter, and paint with gray watercolor paint. Try making a little darker gray paint and adding it to shadowy areas. Happy President’s Day!

• View and download Quarter PDF Template

• White coffee filters, commercial size
• Steam iron
• Quarter Template, print on letter copy paper, one per student
• Masking tape
• Sharpie marker, black, fine tip
Liquid watercolor paint, black
• Paint brush
Mesh plastic canvas, optional

PREP: Flatten white coffee filters with a steam iron. Tape filter on top of a Quarter Template. The missing side lines need to be added by the student.
1. Students trace the Quarter Template line art onto the filter with a Sharpie marker.
2. With the filter still taped to the copy paper, I had students place a plastic mesh sheet underneath for support in later carrying it to the drying rack.
3. The filter is painted entirely with one layer of watery black watercolor paint. Let dry about 10 minutes and then paint the shadow areas with another layer.
4. When filter is dry, carefully remove the back paper and tape. Light press with a steam iron (you can do many at once in a layer) to make them nice and crisp.

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