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Giacometti Glue Drawing

A fun Giacometti art project is drawing a skinny body with glue on black paper. It will look a lot like the unique metal sculptures he is famous for.

giacometti art projects
Drawing with white glue and coloring with chalk pastels.
giacometti art projects
Coloring the background with Crayola Color Sticks.
See below to download this PDF tutorial

Drawing these Giacometti inspired figures with glue is the perfect way to match the texture in his famous sculptures. It turns out that the glue kind of naturally makes some very bumpy looking bodies, which is exactly the texture that Giacometti’s work had in real life.

I’ve made a tutorial to help students draw their own figure in a pose of their choosing. All they need to do is sketch it in pencil, trace it with white glue and let dry. The dried glue will stay black, so it’s very forgiving when it comes to filling the background in.


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  1. Students draw guidelines on a sheet of 6″ x 11″ sheet of black cardstock or construction paper.
  2. A figure is drawn as desired with pencil.
  3. The figure is traced and filled in with white glue. Allow to dry overnight.


  1. Students choose 2 or more chalk pastels and color randomly all over the paper.
  2. Important: the chalk must be blended with fingers to create a smooth look and to get color in all the edges close to the glue.
  3. The glue figure is rubbed carefully with a tissue so that stays black.
  4. Spray with a fixative or hairspray to minimize the dust.