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Giant Chalk Self Portrait

Creative self portrait drawing is extra fun when the scale is extra large. Dried glue and chalk work best when things are BIG.

creative self portraits drawing

The large paper lets students draw with more control, so much more than if they had been working on a 9″x 12″ paper. This class had no puddles or unrecognizable glue shapes anywhere.

Are you trying to envision how to stack 35 giant glue drawings in a drawing rack? My answer is simply to not even try. Most racks are always a little slanted, so even if you could get a drawing in there, the glue would run to one side and pretty much ruin the art.

No, the solution is to save this for the end of the day, and just use your flat desks as drying racks. Students can make their large pencil sketches anytime, but save the glue step as the last event of the day, and leave the art to dry overnight.


  • Black construction paper, 18″ x 24″
  • White glue
  • Chalk pastels


  1. Demonstrate how to draw a face that fills up an 18″ x 24″ paper. An oval that was just inches in from all sides is first, then the facial proportions. Eyes are drawn in the middle, the bottom of the nose halfway down, and the mouth centered in the space remaining.
  2. Students trace all their pencil lines with white glue, and let their portraits dry flat overnight. (Tip: this was done in their homerooms at the end of the day.)
  3. Using chalk pastels, color in all the different areas and blend them with their fingers. One interesting result of watching students finish was that the scale of the project seemed to engage them more than usual. Perhaps more projects would benefit from just being plain BIG?

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