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Gold Rush PDF Package, $10

gold rush for kidsI am happy to release my new Gold Rush package.

It includes 3 sizes of my new San Francisco Niantic Hotel mural (6, 15 and 28 pages) and a new “Wanted” Poster ebook that I filled with everything you could possibly wish for to make amazing outlaw self portraits.

My “Wanted” Poster started out as just an idea for a new and improved border, but I quickly realized how much better it would look if it was tabloid size instead of letter. I also know most students need help drawing themselves in a hat and scarf (hence the added tutorial), and cutting a torn looking edge would be much safer than the real thing. Like I said, one idea lead to another, and bam! A comprehensive guide to making the best “Wanted” self portraits ever.

For those interested in the story of the of the Niantic ship shown in the mural, it started as a whale ship that brought fortune-seekers to San Francisco during the California Gold Rush of 1849. Rumor had it that after it docked, both passengers AND crew abandoned the ship to pan for gold in the nearby hills. The empty ship eventually ran aground and was converted into a hotel. Rebuilt over the years due to fire damage, it was at one time considered one of the finest in San Francisco.

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