Grass in a CD Case

grow grass CD caseDon’t throw away old, un-decomposable CD cases, turn them into gifts instead.

They make great little terrariums, especially with a message for special occasions. You can watch your plants grow and make a special gift at the same time.

• CD case, the kind that is about 1/4″ thick
• Potting soil
• Container of water
• Grass seed
• Rubber band
• Sharpie paint markers, oil-based

PREP: Remove any excess inserts in the CD. They should just pop out.
1. Students place a few tablespoons of soil in water and squeeze out the excess. The soil is gently placed in the bottom of the opened case and spread with fingers.
2. A few teaspoons of grass seed are sprinkled over the soil, and the case is closed and wrapped with a rubberband to keep it from accidentally opening.
3. The case is stood in indirect light for about 5 days, or however long it takes the grass to grow.
4. Sharpie paint markers are used to write a special note on one or both sides of the CD. The oil based ones are recommended if you don’t want your message or art to rub off.

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