Halloween Boxes with Sharpies

Halloween boxesMy favorite part of these little Halloween boxes is the color combination. I love the soft orange and matte black and shiny silver. Fortunately, they all come from supplies that are very easy for kids to use too.

White paper jewelry boxes
Sharpie marker, black, fine tip
Sharpie marker, black, brush tip
Sharpie marker, silver, fine tip
• Orange liquid watercolor paint

1. Lightly draw a series of stacked circles on the box top. Add the lines and the draw faces. Try to see how many different expressions you can make.
2. Trace all the lines with a fine tip black marker.
3. Use a brush tip marker to fill in the background.
4. Paint the pumpkins lightly with watercolor paint. Dab to dry.
5. Decorate the background with a silver Sharpie.