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Halloween Cat Painting

This Halloween cat painting has a pretty high cute factor, and is easy to draw too. It is also very symmetrical, which is a big plus for young artists.

• Watercolor paper
• Sharpie marker
• Crayons
• Liquid watercolor paint

1. Start by drawing the cat head in the middle of the paper. Add the ears, eyes, nose and mouth.
2. Draw the two paw shapes underneath, making sure they touch the head.
3. Draw the top curve of the pumpkin between the paws and on the sides. Add the sides and bottom. Finish with the pumpkin lines. Add horizon grass line.
4. Trace all the lines with a black Sharpie marker.
5. Color the small shapes with a crayon (ears, nose, eyes).
6. Paint all the shapes as desired. This sample was painted with Dick Blick Liquid Watercolor paints.

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