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Halloween Eye Balls

Did you know you can get air dry clay in colors? I think it happens to be THE most perfect material to make some really fun Halloween eye balls.

The balls are easy to form, and they dry to what feel like heavy marbles. I’ve been trying different air dry clay projects for years now, and too many end up fragile or hard to paint. I can’t wait to try these out with my after school Halloween Crafts kids this week.



• Crayola Air-Dry Clay, bright colors

• Spray acrylic, to add some shine



1. Roll a ball with white clay.

2. Take a small pea-size piece of colored clay. Press into a very flat circle and press onto eye.

3. Take an even smaller piece of black clay. Press into a very flat circle and press into center of eye.

4. Let dry for at least one day or until hard. Spray with a glass to brighten up the colors.


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