Gingerbread House Decorations

Gingerbread House DecorationsLooking for ideas for homemade holiday decorations? I need some for my school’s holiday boutique, so I’m having students draw gingerbread houses and then cut them out. I found that if I instruct them that the center roof must touch the top of the paper and also the sides, they are bound to make them all pretty similar in size. No teeny houses allowed.

• White card stock paper
• Sharpie marker, black, chisel tip
• Crayons
• Scissors

1. Students draw a roof  that touches the top and sides of the sheet of paper. The house sides are drawn below it.

2. Some fun windows and door are added. Feel free to use lots of candy colors and patterns.

3. The drawing is traced with the black marker./

4. The students color in the house with crayons. Careful coloring, with no scribbles is the goal.

5. The house is cut out with scissors.