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How to Color a Sgraffito Turkey

Here’s how to color a turkey, and end up with a very cool looking work of art. Sgraffito is the art of scratching color away to reveal something underneath.

Today store bought scratch art paper can be fun for young ones to try out, but there are a few drawbacks. I find that the quality really varies (old and dried out?), the colors are very limiting, and of course, it’s expensive if you have students that scribble through it really fast.

This scratch art project can just focus on teaching children how to make their own by layering color, and experimenting with different color combinations. And because I think that’s enough for young minds to focus on, I’m adding in a turkey template in my PDF tutorial below. If you prefer to draw your own though, please see my How to Draw Turkey post.

Please note, this can get messy with all those pastel shavings, but the process is very engaging and creates a unique look that’s easy for students of all ages and abilities. Just be sure to line your tables with lots of paper before scratching, and maybe slip your custodian an extra nice gift card for the holidays this year. Just a thought.



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Make a Scratch Art Turkey

  1. Cover ALL of the turkey and background with a thick layer of oil pastel.

  2. Color over EVERYTHING with a black oil pastel.

  3. Finish coloring with black.

  4. Use a scratching tool to scrape away the black.

  5. Finish scratching all so you can see your turkey.

  6. Scratch again in different directions to reveal more color.

  1. mommainternet

    Thanks for taking the time to add in the additional information. I didn’t quite understand how to do this project until now. Love the concept and look forward to trying it with my art workshop.

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