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How to Draw a Cubism Portrait

Learn how to draw cubism in the style of Pablo Picasso, with this portrait that merges a side and front view into one face.

how to draw cubism


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw a Cubism Portrait

  1. Make fold lines. Start the profile with nose.

  2. Continue down through the lips.

  3. Add the chin.

  4. Continue chin up the jaw. Add the side mouth.

  5. Add a profile view of an eye.

  6. Finish left side with front view of and eye.

  7. Add half of the front view of the mouth.

  8. Finish with neck lines.

  9. Trace VERY heavily with black pastel, and fill in the rest.

artsy halloween costumes
Cubism Halloween costume using grocery bag



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